“Just spread my ashes at low tide, light a few candles and let them float out to sea. That would make me happy.”
Our award-winning legacy planner captures your personal wishes so they will be understood and honored. There is no more meaningful gift you could give your friends and family.
“My parents and I set aside time every year to talk about our final wishes. It feels so normal and gives us all peace of mind.”
Your life conversations, memories, values, hopes and dreams can be held within Youlo Pages. It’s an incredibly uplifting experience.
“Let the grandkids toast marshmallows, tell them my favorite ghost stories and remember me.”
Your send-off, funeral service, or life celebration should be all about you, capturing your personal essence and the spirit you would like to live on.
“My bucket list: finish building Jack’s doghouse, visit the Grand Canyon and learn to fly fish—not in any particular order.”
What’s next? Compile your big list of life goals and place them in these pages. You’ll experience so much satisfaction each time you check one off.
“I remember when I first heard the song In My Life. I turned to my sister and said, ‘That’s MY song. Play that at my funeral.’”
Music, flowers, poetry, food, drinks, pets...what would make your life celebration or send-off truly yours? Remember: if you don’t plan your own funeral, somebody else will.
“I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have met you.”
Youlo Pages encourages you to share your life stories and shape your legacy—and to have the “last word.”
“Make the smell of fresh popcorn so strong that people  will come in off the street to join in the celebration.”
Youlogy. The name conveys the emphasis on you and your stories, plans, intentions, wishes, memories...your eulogy. Be as creative as you’d like to be!
“No flowers please! Donate to the local animal shelter instead!”
Write a Life Letter for those who have touched your life in remarkable ways.
“Mike, I want you to know that you’re the best friend in the world. My jazz collection is all yours, buddy.”
One of the special features of Youlo Pages is a set of gift cards for bequeathing treasured items to those you know will love them.