Your send-off, funeral service, or life celebration should be as unique as your life story, capturing your personal essence and the spirit that you would like to live on. Use Youlo Pages to spell out your wishes so they will be understood and honored. What a wonderful way to pass along your favorite memories, hopes and dreams. Created privately or in dialogue with a family member (or entire family!), close friend, advisor, colleague, or care provider, it is meant to be explored, experienced and savored over time—and to be returned to, edited and enjoyed again.

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Youlo Pages reflects the vital new voices in the burgeoning death positivity community, particularly the champions of personalized, humane and respectful legacy planning. We are calling for a new openness around death and life issues. We appreciate the value—to individuals, their families and communities—of affirming life through shared understandings—and providing platforms for people to simply, openly say, “This is who I am. This is what I want.”

“I have helped many families plan funeral/memorial services. I always begin the conversation by asking, ‘Did the deceased leave expressed wishes, written or otherwise, as to how they wanted to be memorialized?’ Almost always, the answer is no. Families are left grappling, wondering how to achieve this difficult task. They worry about eulogies, music, participation, and more. Youlo Pages is a beautiful, comprehensive and insightful resource that extends far beyond memorialization. It is a thoughtful gift and a great awakening about the person as a whole. I am happy to endorse this work with a ‘mega star.’ It is a must-have for all who wish to gift their families with the answers to the question: ‘what would he/she have wanted?’ Now that’s what I call resting in peace.”

Joseph Moya

Certified Funeral Celebrant “In Service for the Grieving Heart”

“My clients and I develop long-term plans for retirements, investments and future. In the process, we often find ourselves talking about their legacies, what they’d like to be remembered for and how they’d like their lives to be celebrated. I’ve often wished that there were a tool, a book of some kind, that would provide my clients with a respectful, personalized way of looking ahead, telling their stories, bequeathing gifts and making plans. That’s why I’m so excited about Youlo Pages. I think it’s going to make a huge difference in a lot of lives.”

Robert Hurley

Financial Planner/Investment Advisor, Investor Resources

“What a powerful idea... giving people an opportunity to express their wonderfully unique selves will have such an impact.”

Roxanne Smith

Director of the Life Guidance Memory Care Unit, Atria Tinton Falls

“The best part is the joy and life-affirmation, and the sense of incorporating the rich spectrum of life into the conversation. Youlo Pages gives individuals control over how they want their lives to be celebrated.”

Teresa Spillane

Psychologist, Harvard University School of Medicine

“...a wonderful way of sharing yourself and acknowledging the importance that others have had in your life.”

Dr. Carrie Thies

Life Coach